Working with neighbourhood expertise

This document outlines the Ecotrack opinion on how community groups can use the experts in their neighbourhoods to help with community conservation effort.

What is a neighbourhood expert?

Every neighbourhood will have an expert in

  • Networking
  • Communications (facebook, letterbox drop, email writing)
  • Mobile phones
  • Data administration
  • Weed eradication
  • Predator control
  • Logistics

If you ask an expert in your neighbourhood to assist by providing their expert knowledge, we think they’ll likely say yes.We think a big part of making a robust sustainable conservation community is to find the local experts so the load can be shared. For example, if the neighbourhood coordinator is helping people with their phone app issues, then that’s a waste of resource when there’s a great chance there is a neighbour close with the expertise to solve the problem in a fraction of the time.

Ecotrack allows groups to manage the relationships the group has with neighbourhood experts.