Preparing your conservation community for environmental work

Before you prepare for any conservation work with your community group, we suggest it is best to prepare your group, neighbourhood and volunteers well in advance. This preparation work will ensure your conservation work has immediate value today and for many decades to come. Ecotrack will make sure that the data you collect as part of your conservation work can be used to make operational and tactical decisions that benefit your local environment. Long term, the data you collect will be used by scientists not yet born on environmental issues not yet imagined.

Please read our data commons to ensure you understand how we share public environmental data and keep personal data private.

Start by setting up your community group in Ecotrack

If you are following the Gecko Living neighbourhoods model, your neighbourhood will be part of a hub. Please talk to the hub data administrator about getting a login as a neighbourhood coordinator.

If your community group is working on it’s own, please email and we will get you started with Ecotrack.

Prepare your neighbourhood and street areas

Before starting any conservation work. Make sure you have your Ecotrack neighbourhood set up properly. You can read about setting up your neighbourhood

Seek out experts in your neighbourhood

In order for your conservation work to be repeatable and sustainable, read about preparing your experts.

Prepare your volunteers

Well before a conservation event, you want to make sure your volunteers have downloaded the Ecotrack app and created a user name and are trained in using the app. Instructions for downloading the app are here. Instructions for creating a user name are here.