Participating in a weed blitz

This document outlines how to prepare for a neighbourhood weed blitz.

A weed blitz has three parts

  1. Report weeds in your neighbourhood in a systematic way in order to record a baseline weed audit.
  2. Join other weed warriors and start eradicating the weeds.
  3. Celebrate real outcomes. See your combined success mapped across your neighbourhoods.

You are welcome to participate at any stage.
For small weeds, many people pull or cut the weed as they report it. Job done!

Download the Ecotrack app.

Click here for instructions to download the Ecotrack app to your mobile phone.

Create a user name and connect to your community group

Click here for instructions to create your user name from the mobile app or from the desktop browser.

Using the weed app.

Watch this video  on how to use the weed app.

Click here for detailed instructions on using the weed app.