Details on being the neighbourhood networker

The role of a neighbourhood networker is to

  • Match the skills your conservation community need with the skills and expertise found in your local community.
  • Supporting the neighbourhood coordinator by preparing volunteer resource as needed for projects.
  • Keep an eye on the roles played and filled in Ecotrack.
  • Succession planning as people move in and out of different roles and locations.
  • Help existing volunteers avoid burnout by providing them with additional support when needed. Support is other people, not you.
Candidates Skills

The neighbourhood networker is well connected and knows a lot of people within the community. They have skills at letting people know how they can specifically help in the conservation effort, even if they are not ‘weeders’ or ‘predator controllers’.

Think of the networker as being the head of HR.

Getting Started

Before you begin, you will need to download the Ecotrack app and create a user name.

Watch the video giving an outline of the Ecotrack desktop.

Time Requirement

Most of the work you do is a natural part of your daily live. It naturally fits in with the relationships you create. We estimate that the role of the networker shouldn’t exceed one hour per week on specific conservation work.

Match the skills your conservation community need