Managing Projects

A project is a logical collection of events, tasks, meetings and jobs that occur within a time period. For ease, we’ll just call them events. We collate events into a project purely to make them easier the find and manage and so that we can report on all the events. A project can be based on one or more organisations. Therefore, multiple organisations can share a project.

A project is NOT location based. Locations that your group work in (properties, parks, neighbourhoods, suburbs, hubs etc) need to exist outside of the project as these locations will generally exist for many decades longer than the project. However, you can attach one or more locations to your events which allow you to report location data against your project. The reason for this is that good projects are time based and locations exist for a longer time period than the project. Creating a project based on a location will limit the usefulness of the project data.

Here are some example projects

  • A neighbourhood has five predator pulses in a year and these pulses can be grouped into an annual project.
  • A professional environmental group has a weeding contract with a council maintaining multiple locations. The weeding events can be grouped into a project that runs for the length of the contract.
  • A group creates a project to record all their meetings (event).
Create a Project
  1. Click on the projects menu
  2. Click on the Projects menu item
  3. Search for projects to make sure your project does not already exist.
  4. If your project doesnt exist, then hover over the Projects menu item and click the + button




With the new Project page open

  1. Add a meaningful project name.
  2. The date will default to today and the status will default to active. You can change the date to an earlier date but cannot change it to a later date.
  3. Click Save.

  1. After a project has been running for a while and has some events, you will see the events in the event grid.
  2. Click on the drop down to view the Event summary report.