Importing predator control data

This page outlines the issues around data that cannot be imported into Ecotrack

Before sending the data to Ecotrack

Please ensure the data is in the format shown here Group Data standard.

We recommend that you rename the fields to our format rather than copying your data into our template.
If you don’t have all the fields, add the field name to your excel file and leave it with no data,

The street address or property data must match the LINZ street address format. Look at some property examples in your street areas and make sure they match. We’ll double check your data before hand and if it is clear that there will be a lot of errors (meaning you’ll need to have it entered manually), then we’ll send it back to you beforehand.

It is most important that each street address has a street number.

Having data returned to you

We will import all the data we can. We will return to you the data that we could not import, specifically any address data that doesn’t comply with the national standard.This data will need to be entered manually

We are not suggesting that you as the neighbourhood data administrator needs to manually enter the data, especially since you are unlikely to know the answer to some issues such as what is the person’s street number. As data administrator, you will need to send the data back tot he respective street contacts to have them fix the manually in Ecotrack (which in the end may be easier to get the answer and do it yourself).