Detailed instructions for using the weed app

This document outlines the detailed instructions for using the weed app.

A weed “instance” may be a single weed on the roadside or a wide patch of weeds of one species in a reserve, backyard or business premises.

NOTE: Your community group should have a weed fact sheet and weed control guide relevant to your local environment to help you identify environmental weeds. (An environmental weed is one which is likely to invade native bush and other valuable native eco-systems).

Before you begin

Before reading this detailed document on recording weeds, please make sure you’ve downloaded the app and created a user name.

Weed App Details


Step 1 – Open the Pest Weed Record

Click on the “Report a Pest Weed” button.
This will allow you to record an instance of one weed species.
If you have several weeds to report, create a new record for each species.

Step 2 – Enter required data

The first 4 fields are required as indicated by the red asterisk on the left.

If the weed you’re reporting is not in the drop down list, select the last item “Other” then add the weed name to the Other Weed field under optional fields

Click on the blue “drop pin” to record the GPS latitude and longitude.

Click on “Save” at any time – then click “Edit” to continue editing.

Note: the GPS location recorded can be somewhat inaccurate – up to 50 metres or so. You can increase the accuracy of the GPS location by clicking the GPS location drop pin several times.

For simple weed instances with no exceptional features, eg just 1 to 3 weeds in one place, typically small, then all you need to enter is the required fields. This allows for very fast data entry.

Step 3 – Add optional fields if relevant

Optional fields are available for you to use if the weed instance has exceptional features, for example it is exceptionally widespread or tall, or has many pods or seed heads. Please spend a moment familiarising yourself with these fields and use them as you see fit.

If you select ‘Other Weed’ from the weed drop down list, then please enter the weed name here. Use the Latin name or any common name. if you’re not sure of the exact spelling, just do you best and the magic of Ecotrack will sort it out.

Height, weed count and Pod/Seed Head/Fruit count and straight forward.

If you have talked to the property owner, add their contact details. You may want to emphasise that their details will never been seen by any council or government agency, other than your community group. You may want to refer them to our data commons guidelines.

Please mention any specific equipment you think may be required, such as ladder, abseiling equipment. Or if there are risks in the location – eg wasps, guard dog.

In some situations, when a weed is about to drop its pods, you may have removed the pods but not the weed. Enter this detail in the Number of Pods removed field.