Instructions for the community data administrator

The role of a neighbourhood (or Hub/Suburb) data administrator is to

  • Be a super user and understand how Ecotrack works.
  • Keep an eye on the quality and accuracy of the data.
  • Support the Street Contacts by ensuring data is being uploaded as required.
  • Support the neighbourhood coordinator by ensuring neighbourhood wide data such as community time is being recorded.
  • Create/maintain/update the neighbourhood polygons and street areas.
  • Maintain user logins and upgrade permissions as required.
  • Can also choose to do data analytics.
  • Can choose to participate in the evolution of Ecotrack.
Candidate skills

Being an Ecotrack data administrator is similar to being a bookkeeper of conservation. People with bookkeeping skills make great data administrators. People with IT or GIS skills are also great candidates. Students of business/IT/GIS should consider this voluntary role as it provide excellent real world experience and looks amazing on your resume. Retired people with business and IT skills are clearly prime candidates.

Once you have learned how Ecotrack works, the role a data administrator should take less than one hour per week, but you can of course make the job as significant as you choose.

Getting Started.

Before you begin, you will need to download the Ecotrack app and create a user name.

Watch the video giving an outline of the Ecotrack desktop.


Be a super user


Keep an eye on data quality


Support the Street Contacts


Support the neighbourhood coordinator


Create and Maintain polygons


Maintain Security


Data analytics


Participate in the evolution of Ecotrack