Collaborative ecological action in local environments

By using eCoTrack local communities can track all sorts of ecological and conservation activities.

The eCoTrack app makes collecting data easy for individuals, community groups and organisations.

eCoTrack is the key to enabling NZ's goal of predator-free status efficiently and effectively

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Predator Control
  • Rats
  • Possums
  • Stoats
  • Ferrets
  • Wasps
Weed Control
  • Moth Plant
  • Ginger Plant
  • Tobacco Weed
  • Wandering Willy
  • Climbing Asparagus
Biodiversity Initiatives
  • Tree Planting
  • Species Tracking
  • Bird Counts
  • Other Initiatives
Community Engagement
  • Social Media
  • Mailing Lists
  • Website Tools
  • RSS Feeds
  • Community Events

How eCoTrack Works

eCoTrack enables local communities to track a diverse, comprehensive range of ecological and conservation activities.

Initiatives, such as weed and predator control, monitoring and eradicating pollutants, or tracking forestation and biodiversity, become manageable and efficient.

Data input is extremely easy for individuals. By networking and aggregating national data we produce a comprehensive picture of pest eradication and the re-establishment of native flora and fauna. This shareable record is the key to helping NZ achieve its goal of predator-free status efficiently and effectively.

Data is input primarily via the easy-to-use eCoTrack mobile app which aggregates and socialises records from the individual to a local community hub, to a regional control centre, and ultimately to a comprehensive national database.

Inputs can be as diverse as the number of initiatives that individuals and groups are willing to take on; eCoTrack simplifies, enables and feeds back, to create a remarkably frictionless tool for eco-warriors.

eCoTrack Spotlight

Pest Free Kaipātiki

Supporting Kaipatiki’s natural heritage

There are more than 160 reserves in the Kaipatiki Local Board area, we have some work to do to stay on top of pest populations. Some of our volunteer groups have begun a pest monitoring, and setting traps.

The Ginger Ninjas

An interview with Leo and Cole

Leo and Cole from the Wood Bay Ginger Ninjas explain some simple safety tips for eradicating weeds.


We are committed to eliminating the possums that shred our native trees; the rats and other predators that eat native baby birds and eggs and the weeds that strangle native bush.

– Pest Free Kaipātiki

Always work with someone

– Cole, Ginger Ninja.

Latest News

This will be the latest from the eCoTrack blog, once we get started. At this point we are keen to gather more communities to start sharing information and stories. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are interested in becoming part of eCoTrack in your area.

Predator control on your property

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Managing Events

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Managing Projects

Managing Projects A project is a logical collection of events, tasks, meetings and jobs that occur within a time period. For ease, we'll just call them events. We collate events into a project purely to make them easier the find and manage and so that we can report on...

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